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Shop 'LZYRBT' - High-Quality Loungewear.

LZYRBT's brand offers you next-level comfort and high-quality loungewear.

Straight out of Santa Monica, LZYRBT brings you loungewear made to remind you of what it feels like to be at home. The LZYRBT mission is to connect aligned people, bring the utmost thought to design, and create a family that cares about the community and environment.

[Photo: LZYRBT]

Each clothing piece is made with brushed, ultra-soft fabric matched with crafted stitching and a relaxed overall fit.

LZYRBT's loungewear is entirely created in Los Angeles. Their clothing items are designed by the beach in Santa Monica and manufactured in DTLA. The brand believes in the power of a strong community, and that means keeping their brand local from first knit to the final product.

[Photo: LZYRBT Instagram]

The brand's LZYRBT rabbit logo represents family, abundance, and comfort. LZYRBT is a symbol that reminds you to hold on to the ones you love, remain grateful, and be your authentic self, now more than ever.

LZYRBT focuses on small, slow productions to minimize waste. Tags and packaging are recycled materials and their naturally formulated dyes allow LZYRBT to bring you the highest quality fabric without the use of harsh chemicals.

In a world that is ever-changing, LZYRBT strives to make a positive change for the future.

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