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Strengthen Your Abs and Arms in 7 Moves With 2 Dumbbells.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

If you have a set of dumbbells at home, here's a workout you can do to target your abs and arms.

Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins shared this circuit workout to strengthen all areas of your core, and don't worry if you don't have a set of weights, you can improvise with a set of water bottles, soup cans, or whatever else you have on hand.

We think this workout would be great to do after a run or bike ride to keep your core and upper body strong.


Jeanette Jenkins is the founder and president of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. She studied human kinetics at NJCU. Jenkins is also the host of Lifetime Television's My Workout: Powered by

Jeanette Jenkins's Ab and Arms Circuit Workout.

Equipment needed: A pair of dumbbells.

Directions: After a warmup, ⁣complete each move for 30 to 60 seconds or for 10 to 25 reps; perform one to three sets in total.

  1. Ab V-up

  2. Offset dumbbell ab tuck

  3. Offset dumbbell ab flutter kick

  4. Push-up to renegade row

  5. Dumbbell toe touch

  6. Dumbbell figure 8

  7. Dumbbell Russian twist

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