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Style of Catalina - Haitian Beauty and Fashion Content Creator.

Meet this beautiful young Haitian woman from Philly whose mission is to inspire others.

Her name is Catalina Lubin. She is a 26-year-old beauty and fashion content creator, a YouTuber, and a Mass Media College student from Philadelphia, PA. Catalina goes by the username Styleofcatalina. Through her social media platforms, Catalina covers her latest beauty, fashion, and travel ventures. Her bubbly personality, fun, and eye-catching content is rapidly gaining the attention of many viewers and she is becoming an inspiration to many followers.

[Photo: Catalina Lubin]

If you're looking to get inspired and styled, give Catalina a follow! Catalina is a style guru who puts together fun, edgy outfits that followers can easily find and buy for themselves. Her Instagram feed offers her followers the latest fashion trends, beauty recommendations, along with many fun and entertaining videos.

If you visit Catalina's YouTube channel, you will also find beauty tips, product recommendations, makeup and hair tutorials along with many other vlogs.

[Catalina's YouTube Channel]

Catalina's ultimate dream is to be featured and work with Essence Magazine.

In one of her Instagram posts, Catalina mentioned that she loves Essence and she keeps an issue on her makeup desk to remind herself where she will be one day!

[Photo: Catalina]

[Photo: Catalina]

[Photo: Catalina]

[Photo: Catalina]

[Photo: Catalina]

[Photo: Catalina]

To learn more about Catalina, follow her on social media:



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