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The Future Of Outerwear - Cold-Weather Wardrobe.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

NASA-tested and approved aerogel insulation. Prepare your cold-weather wardrobe for a spacewalk in the park.

The brand OROS refuses to believe that fluff and fire are still the world’s best options for staying warm. Their ultra-thin SOLARCORE holds heat better than any bulky down or synthetic so you’re never left out in the cold.

Can your puffer do that?

The science of staying warm hasn't changed for hundreds of years, and OROS knows that "outdated" has no place in outerwear.

It's why they tore their technology straight from the cosmos - the same stuff NASA uses to insulate spacecraft - and science'd it into max-warmth, zero-bulk apparel destined to take you beyond.

SOLARCORE® is the first true outerwear innovation in eons. The brand Oros has tested it against 250+ other insulations, and the universe offers nothing warmer.

Oros infuse every piece of OROS with the ideal amount of SOLARCORE for just-right warmth on any adventure.


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