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The Perfect Triple Cut Crease - Tutorial by Tatanisha Sankar.

The "Cut Crease" makeup look adds shape and definition to yours eyes.


Cut crease eyeshadow is a very technical term for a really cool look and

discovering different ways to do a cut crease is a great way to mix up your makeup.

As far as eye makeup trends go, cut crease eyeshadow is one of the most popular trending makeup looks and if you’re wondering how to work your eye shadow crease magic and master this technique then you must check out these amazing eye makeup looks

created by Tatanisha Sankar.

[Photo: Tatanisha Sankar - Instagram]

Cut crease eye shadow is a genius technique used to define your eye crease.

This look features a distinct line that “cuts” at the crease to add extra depth and contouring around the lid.

You can achieve this look by “cutting” across your crease with contrasting eye shadow colors and no matter what your eye shape is, you can adapt a cut crease to be whatever you want it to be.

[Photo: Tatanisha Sankar - Instagram]

If you’ve been dying to try the cut crease makeup look for yourself, Tatanisha Sankar will show you how to do the Perfect Triple Cut Crease, using the Blend Bunny Cosmetics Blend & Surge Palettes.

Tatanisha will show you how to easily and successfully replicate this makeup trend. Watch Tatanisha's step-by-step tutorial video down below.

Who is Tatanisha Sankar?

Tatanisha Sankar is a 26-year-old beauty, lifestyle influencer and blogger. Her obsession for Makeup has led Tatanisha to her amazing beauty journey on social media which has gained her many followers.

At the age of 18, Tatanisha started working at Sephora, she then knew right away that this is the field she wanted to be in, and ever since her passion for makeup became stronger.

After Sephora, she starting working at Ulta where she became the prestige manager at her Ulta location.

[Photo: Tatanisha Sankar - Instagram]

Tatanisha's channel is a safe and welcoming place for everyone. She enjoys inspiring and motivating others.

If you love to learn how to create stunning new looks, then visit Tatanisha's YouTube channel.

Tatanisha's makeup tutorials will have you mastering different types of makeup looks and will give you major inspiration for pushing your eye makeup looks to new levels.

Get to know Tatanisha Sankar, watch her first ever Q&A video.

To learn more about Tatanisha Sankar, follow her on social media;



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