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Tiffany Haddish Chopped Off ALL Her Hair, On A LIVE Video ...

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Tiffany Haddish just chopped off all her hair and is now sporting a new look! The 40-year-old comedian, streamed her haircut early Tuesday on her Instagram account and it was not only shocking to her followers and viewers but also shocking to her friends who were next to her in the same room!

Jerritt Clark-Getty Images for Ciroc

Tiffany Haddish is an American actress, comedian, and author. We love Tiffany, she is too funny and her comedy brings us joy! As you will see in the video below, Tiffany started with a full head of hair, and shortly after grabbed a pair of scissors and started chopping her hair, lock by lock! Tiffany started the video by saying "Today is the day" She also said she has been talking about "it" and that she will now be about cutting her hair off! At the end of the video, she mentioned that she "would shave it all of". Take a look for yourself.

Tiffany does mention throughout the video that she wears a lot of wigs and that her hair will grow back either way... and as you heard on the video, she is getting ready for her new movie. One of her most recent movies was "'Like a Boss' Movie" which we enjoyed, we're just excited to know that she will be in a new flick and we can't wait to see it! But that wasn't all, Tiffany did come back to her Instagram and shared another video where she talks about her cutting her hair off, and she wrote the following message "For the people that think I lost my mind".

Good for you Tiffany, she has been wanting to do it for the longest time and she finally got it done! Bye-bye hair!


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