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Tips On How To Find Your Signature Style.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Your personal style goes beyond making a good impression, it's about the ability to feel beautiful and confident in what you're wearing, all day every day. Fashion as we know it, it’s ever-evolving and even though you may appreciate different styles, which one truly speaks to you? Our personal style can and will change over time, however, knowing what style you love and sticking to what suits you most will help you determine your signature style.

Here are 5 tips on how to find your signature style in 2019.

1-Analyze your existing wardrobe. First, you must take a look at your existing wardrobe and analyze if these clothing items represent who you are today. For those items that you haven't worn for a few months, or simply doesn’t fit your vibe any longer - remove it from your wardrobe. Keep and put aside all the items that you are drawn to and enjoy wearing the most. This will help you build a picture of what your personal style is.

2-Label Your Wardrobe. Try to pick words that describe the wardrobe items that you love and enjoy wearing. Are they feminine, bold, contemporary? Casual or comfortable? Settle for a label that feels true to you. Keep these labels in mind as it will help you whenever you're shopping for new clothing.

3-Take Notes. There are days that you will feel the most stylish. Take notes or take a quick picture for future reference as it will serve as inspiration for spin-off outfits. If you are aiming to evolve your look or try something new, consider going after similar pieces. Also, take notes of items you regret buying. The goal is to figure out what are your favorite pieces and knowing what is working with your current style.

4-Seek Inspiration. Think of your celebrity idol, this can help find fashion inspirations for your own style. There may be different looks that you like and you can put these together and create your own. Find people whose outfits and style you may want to portray, finding different types of inspiration from several sources is a great way to find what you like and dislike for your own personal style.

5-Shop Smarter Every fashionable human being owns a signature item or two that represents their style. When shopping you need to determine whether a piece will last the long haul. Can you picture yourself wearing it next season? And will it coordinate with at least three other pieces in your wardrobe? You’ll need items that can be easily paired together and are suitable for (almost) any occasion.

Ultimately, trust your instincts, and wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Your signature style is a way to express who you are and the most important thing is to show off your personality.

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