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Top 38 'Toco Toco To' Walk Challenge.

TikTok challenges have inspired people around the world to boost their creativity! There are many different musical challenges based on hit songs and artists, this next TikTok challenge is a "walk challenge" and the following individuals have made it fun, sexy, and playful. The people involved in each video you're about to see has stood out to us the most!

The following individuals have caught our attention so we have compiled this Top 38 'Toco Toco To' Walk Challenge... Take a look for yourself, let us know who is your favorite of them all! The song played on this challenge is called “Toco Toco To” and is created by Dixson Waz, who is a popular artist from the Dominican Republic. (Country in the Caribbean)

1. Kimberly Sanchez

2. PonchoDeNigris

3. Kim Shantal

4. oztarlumbreras

5. Alexisayala

6. Cepillintv Oficial

7. Kyle Evans

8. Radames de Jesus

9. Asmed

10. Eric Ramos

11. _claudiia_3

12. janko_soto_

13. JJ El Comediante

14. Isalien

15. Ale Estebane

16. Little Biitch

17. Luiz Ramon Biiersack

18. Crïïs Ťremendista Mi

19. Elmer Brenes Guzmán

20. Alejandra Rojas

21. Kyyke01

22. Sandra Varbu

23. Vic 🇲🇽

24. Lorena Bernal

25. shantal_mon

26. Lowill Kambell🤩

27. victoramaury_85

28. Mara La Jefa De Jefa

29. Brissa Dominguez

30. Johan Sebastian

31. Jose Luis Cordero

32. Adelin Solmag

33. Nancy Zamorano



36. sharayayazo10

37. Ubaldo Nevarez Armen

38. Karen Fuentes


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