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Top 9 Most Beautiful Mermaids.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Mermaids may be ancient, but they are still with us in many forms. Their images can be found all around us in films, books, Disney movies... even the original Starbucks logo was once the image of a “twin-tailed mermaid”, or siren.

Disney film The Little Mermaid was a sanitized version of the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale published in 1837. The animated tale was based on legends about stunningly beautiful mermaids who would shed their fish scales in order to roam on dry land as human women. 

Many cultures and stories around the world have had varying opinions about mermaids. Some say good, others say evil! Although they are widely regarded as fictional characters, some people have claimed sightings of mermaids throughout history... Take a look at today's top 9 most beautiful mermaids.

Meet Thewanderingmermaid

Meet Mermaid Jules

Meet Mermaid Kalila

Meet Mermaid Sirenity

Meet Vero Beach Mermaid

Meet Everydaymermaid

Meet MermaidChrisa

Meet HaleyMermaid

Meet Felicia


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