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Top Selling Hair Products by Celebrity Hairstylist Marc Anthony.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Marc Anthony is a celebrity hairstylist who for the past 25 years has set out on a mission to create superior hair products that nourish, hydrate, and protect hair without frequent visits to the salon.

Marc Anthony believes hair doesn't have to be boring, nor does it need to be complicated.

Marc Anthony wants to make your hair play easily with premium, fool-proof products at an affordable price, and made accessible at major food, drug, mass, and specialty retailers.

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Twenty-five years ago, Marc Anthony haircare was created in Canada by Founder and Celebrity Hairstylist Marc Anthony.

After more than 2 decades, Marc Anthony's brand continues to rise, not only through global expansion but with a fresh voice and visual identity to keep the brand's engagement a priority.

Today, the Marc Anthony team of style-makers and beauty lovers never sit still. Traveling the world to bring you the best ingredients and the latest trends to create professional quality products.

Check out Marc Anthony's top-selling hair products!

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Who is Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony is a creator of world-class, pro-quality hair care products.

Owner of Toronto's trend-setting Marc Anthony Salons and winner of numerous international awards, Celebrity Hair Stylist Marc Anthony is the creator of the comprehensive Marc Anthony True Professional® line of premium hair and body care products

[Photo: Celebrity Hairstylist Marc Anthony]

From humble beginnings in Canada - the place Marc calls home - to mass global success, the brand's journey quickly flourished to full Canada-wide distribution, followed by a massive USA launch.

Today, with over 20 years under its belt, the Marc Anthony True Professional® brand can be found in over 20 countries and 45,000 stores around the globe from Africa to Europe to Asia.


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