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Travel Sized Favorites! Check Out These Travel Brush Sets.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Coastal Scents is here with the intention of empowering everyone to experiment and have fun with makeup.

The brand maintains and prides itself on offering high quality and luxurious makeup at an affordable price. Their trend-setting cosmetics will keep both you and your wallet happy.

Enjoy a 25% off on all these travel brush sets!

Sale expires on 09/25/2020 at 11 a.m (E.T) while supplies last.

The ROSE GOLD Brush Set.

The ROSE GOLD brush set allows you to conquer any look you may envision. This set of essential brushes features pearlesque handles accented with rose gold ferrules surrounding beautifully matching, high-quality synthetic bristles. All seven travel-sized brushes are perfectly stored in the luxe, white, quilted zipper pouch, allowing for easy traveling.

This set includes the following brushes:

1. Angled Blush, 2. Concealer, 3. Eyeshadow, 4. Blender, 5. Detail Round, 6. Angled Liner, 7. Fine Liner 

CiTiSCAPE Travel Brush Set.

Conquer any look you may envision anywhere, any time, with this ultra-stylish travel companion. This seven-piece, beautifully-crafted, red, wooden-handled brush set comes in a variety of high quality natural and synthetic bristles.

This set includes the following brushes:

1. Bent Liner (Synthetic), 2. Angled Liner (Synthetic), 3. Detail Round (Natural Hair), 4. Blender (Natural Hair), 5. Concealer (Synthetic), 6. Eye Shadow (Natural Hair), 7. Angled Blush (Natural Hair)

Smoky Eyes Makeup Brush Set.

Create sultry “smoky eyes” with this beautiful collection! Feel like a pro, with this utterly glam clutch designed in gunmetal faux leather complete with five professional-quality eye brushes. The soft, natural and synthetic fiber brushes distribute pigment precisely and are finished-off with gunmetal-hued handles that will have your eyes smokin' like a pro in no time! Included with your set is an easy "Six-Step Smoky Eyes Guide," to help you create the perfect smokin' eyes. The metallic Coastal Scents clutch design features custom pockets, in which to store each brush with a smart magnetic closure for sleek, organized storage and travel.

This set includes the following brushes:

Large Shadow (Natural Hair), Dome Smudger (Natural Hair), Medium Shadow (Natural Hair), Blender (Natural Hair), Angled Liner (Synthetic).

Color Me Fuchsia Brush Set.

An ultra-sleek carrying case filled with brilliantly colored professional synthetic brushes designed to stand out from the crowd.

This set includes the following brushes:

Detail, Concealer, Blender, Eye Shadow, Powder

4 Everything Makeup Artist Brush Set.

Get Ready 4 Everything! The 4 Everything Brush Set has the essential brushes for every look you can imagine. These beautiful, richly toned, wooden-handled brushes feature gorgeous metallic ferrules and super-soft synthetic bristles. All enclosed in a slim, supple, leatherine case with magnetic closures perfect for on-the-go use.

This set includes the following essential brushes:  1. Powder 2. Angled Blush 3. Foundation 4. Shadow

Travel Brush Essentials.

The Brush Essentials palette offers the perfect combination of synthetic brushes paired with a mini black Xpress Line Pencil. The gorgeous bamboo handles are accentuated with pink metallic ferrules. This set includes every type of brush necessary for creating a complete face look, even the eyeliner.

This set includes the following brushes: 1. Powder Brush, 2. Dual-Tipped Angled Liner and Concealer Brushes, 3. Dual-Tipped Shadow and Blender Brushes, 4. Angled Powder Brush.

Sterling Dream Travel Makeup Brush Set.

A dream come true for every makeup lover -  The Sterling Dream Brush Set has every brush you need to get ready. With high-quality bristles that are specially developed for professional everyday use, this will be your new go-to set at home or on the go. The quilted travel case is designed to complement the luxurious white handles of the brushes. A unique 7-piece set that was created with quality and functionality in mind, without compromising the elegant design. 

This set includes the following brushes:

1. Angled Blush, 2. Concealer, 3. Eyeshadow, 4. Blender, 5. Detail Round, 6. Angled Liner, 7. Fine Liner

Sale expires on 09/25/2020 at 11 a.m (E.T) while supplies last.

Get yours today!


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