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Viral Videos of Harper Watters Dancing on Treadmill with Sky-High Stilettos.

Meet Harper Watters, a Houston social media influencer with a gift for dancing and a passion for platform heels.

Harper has become a social-media phenom with nearly 240,000 followers on Instagram and another 540,000 + TikTok followers.

Harper Watters is a soloist for the Houston Ballet. Through his work with the company, his viral videos of him dancing in heels, and his YouTube channel The Pre-Show, Harper has served as a role model dedicated to empowering those in his communities to live in their authentic expression.

[Photo: HARPER WATTERS | Instagram]

Harper Watters has a passion for being bold and unapologetically himself, not only in his onstage dancing as a Soloist for the Houston Ballet but also in his viral heel treadmill videos.

Watters has danced a variety of roles from some of the world's leading dance choreographers. Harper's videos have been featured in Elle Magazine, Marie Clare, and Urban Outfitters.

If you haven't seen Harper's dancing video, take a look down below.

Although Watters’s story was different than most, his path led him to become the amazing individual he is today.

Watters’s story starts in Atlanta where he was born and was immediately put up for adoption; his biological father was incarcerated at the time, and little is known about his birth mother except that she had a deep desire to give her child a better life than her own. Working with an agency, she chose as his parents a New England couple, Janice Alberghene and David Watters

Harper Watters trained at Portsmouth School of Ballet, Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts, Washington Ballet, and Houston Ballet Summer intensives.

From 2009 - 2011, Harper was a member of Houston Ballet II and in 2011, he competed at the Prix de Lausanne Ballet Competition where he won 6th overall as well as the contemporary dance award.

Harper Watters rose through the ranks from corps de ballet in 2012, demi-soloist in 2016, and soloist in 2017. Watters was promoted to first soloist in 2021.

Today, Harper serves as a role model dedicated to empowering those in his communities to live in their authentic expression.

Check out Harper's most recent dancing video down below... We can't get enough of his amazing talent.

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