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Virtual 'Shop with Me' Experience - An Online Shopping Lifestream Platform by Buywith.

Buywith is an online shopping lifestream platform where influencers, experts, celebrities, and store reps can host virtual shopping events on the e-commerce site and create direct sales for brands and retailers.

With Buywith, retailers and brands can host on-site livestream shopping events featuring influencers, experts, and brand representatives as viewers shop live and interact with the hosts.

It's an amazing virtual experience.

Buywith focuses on the natural shopping connection between host and consumer.

It's a unique social shopping experience.

This "Shop with me" experience is a smart screen-sharing technology that allows viewers to shop LIVE along with the host. It's very easy to access, just click on the LIVE's link from any device. It does not require an app download and you can join from anywhere in the world.

What is Buywith?

Buywith is a live video shopping / Livestream e-commerce platform.

It's a new sales channel used by brands and retailers to promote and sell products through digital Livestream events, often collaborating with influencers, celebrities, or experts.

Livestream shopping puts digital retailers in front of a vast online audience while still allowing them to respond to customers on a one-on-one level. This channel provides a uniquely engaging and immersive experience, allowing consumers to interact with the session host, ask questions in the chat, and purchase products that they choose.

This platform trend started in China in 2016 and is growing rapidly in the US and the West.

The company 'Buywith' was founded in Israel in 2018 by Adi Ronen Almagor and Eyal Sinai as an e-commerce site that enables end users to consult with their friends and family within the site as they shop.

The buywith team with co-founders Eyal Sinai and Adi Ronen Almagor sitting in center. Image Credits: buywith

To learn more about Buywith visit them on social media;



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