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Vivid Belleza. Latina-Owned Beauty Brand & Accessories.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Vivid Belleza is a Latina-owned beauty brand.

Meet Vetzabe (VEE) Rivera, the Founder/Owner of Vivid Belleza!

Vivid Belleza was started by Vetzabe Rivera, a mom, stepmother, wife, realtor, influencer, makeup lover, and a proud Puerto Rican!

Vee is originally a Jersey girl. Born & Raised in Newark and currently living in Delaware.

Vetzabe Rivera wanted to start a brand to help the mom that just wants to look put together to run errands, the teenager who is in a rush to get to class, that woman that just got asked out on a date! Just anybody who is playing in makeup and just doesn't want it to feel so overwhelming.

Belleza means beauty in Spanish.

Vetzabe is a proud Latina, so it's important for her to just be herself and add a little bit of her into everything.

Vivid Belleza will soon be full of your go-to, easy to use beauty products.

Vivid Belleza wants to keep helping beautiful, strong women, or men around the world feel confident in how they wear makeup!

Visit Vivid Belleza offers cosmetics for everybody & has added on fashion accessories and Mami merch as well.

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