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W.A.P. (White And Pushy) feat. Karen & Sharon! Must Watch.

This video is a must-watch!

Check out this new remix. This is the "Karen" version of W.A.P, White and Pushy by Johnny Sibilly. (Original song by: Cardi B. feat. Thee Stallion)

Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.

Cameos by:




DP: @hudhaus


For those of you who may not know who Johnny is, allow us to introduce him to you!

Johnny Sibilly is an actor, producer, and advocate based in Los Angeles. He has appeared as Susan Lucci's pool boy on Discovery ID's Deadly Affairs and played a drag queen on Law & Order: SVU.

In 2018, Sibilly made waves with his role as Costas Perez on FX's groundbreaking show "Pose" created by Ryan Murphy. Johnny Sibilly is an ardent champion for Latinx and LGBTQ+ rights and has grown a sizable following online, known for his progressive and comedic voice.

We have been following Johnny on social media for some time now and we truly enjoy many of the characters he plays and shares throughout his platforms. One of our favorite characters by Johnny would have to be"Julissa".

If you haven't yet, make sure to check him out. Johnny is pretty funny and we're sure you will enjoy his comedy just as much we do!

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