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Watch Drea Kelly's Viral Video As she Walks Backwards in Dance Class!

Updated: Jan 9

Drea Kelly's newest dance video is going viral on social media.

If you know who Drea Kelly is, then you know she’s an amazing dancer with a great body!

In her most recent video, Drea Kelly shows off some impressive skills, as she does a backward walk as she walk-dances to the song Beyoncé 'ENERGY' (feat. Beam).

Drea Kelly’s sent the Internet ablaze with this incredibly epic dance video!

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Andrea Kelly is more than the ex-wife of R. Kelly. She’s a choreographer, dancer, and actress who is working to change the game and how Burlesque is perceived.

If you want to try something new and elevate your sexy, you can take a Burlesque class with celebrity choreographer and dancer, Drea Kelly.

Drea Kelly offers a Burlesque class dedicated to elevating your divine feminine by becoming one with your sensuality and sexuality through the bodacious and fabulous art form of burlesque.

Her classes are an intro to the art of seduction and strip tease that will teach you how to be unapologetically sexy, and increase self-confidence.

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Drea Kelly offers other dance classes besides Burlesque.

Kelly has an upcoming Dance Fitness Over 40 class. It's a sexy, high-energy, confidence-building, total body toning, and tightening regime.

Dance Fitness Over 40 is a health and wellness company founded by award-winning Choreographer and Dancer, Drea Kelly. With over 20 plus years of dance and fitness experience, Drea Kelly concluded that there is a lack of dance and fitness regimes for women of a certain age.

Most women in their forties are entering the self-discovery phase of life and this is why Drea's ultimate goal is to make self-care a must and not an option for women.

It is time to put yourselves, first ladies. This class is essential to completing the whole body healing trifecta. MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT!

Though the focus of "Dance Fitness Over 40" is for women forty years and older, younger women are encouraged to partake in this class as well.

Take a look at some of Drea Kelly's IMPRESSIVE dance moves down below!

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