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What Clothes Look Like On Different Body Types - Take a Look!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Denise and her friend Maria Castellanos are sharing a series of TikTok videos showing the world how everybody is beautiful no matter what their size or body type is. Denise Mercedes is a 28-year-old Dominican-American plus-size model, a content creator, and a fashion blogger.

On their TikTok platform, Denise and Maria create multiple videos of themselves wearing the same outfits and showing everyone what the outfits would look like on two different types.

Their videos truly show the beauty of all body sizes. Take a look for yourself!

The fashion industry has always had an impact on young women and it has been often criticized for what their vision of body images should look like, slim and skinny.

The fashion industry has been changing with time and is now celebrating all body types, given the opportunity for many plus-size models to rise.

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Despite Denise Mercedes being a size 14 and best friend Maria a size 2, they are changing the rules of fashion. They are part of an online movement. Their hashtag #StyleNotSize suggests that a person of any size should not limit themselves to certain trends and should be able to have access to any style and be able to wear whatever makes them feel best.

At the end of the day, it should always be about Style and not Size!

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Mercedes and Castellanos continue to use their platforms to create content to help spread a body-positive in hopes to inspire girls and women of all ages to feel confident.

We truly enjoy their content and we look forward to seeing their future work!


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