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What is a Media Kit?

If you want to attract brands and win contracts you will need an impressive media kit.

A media kit is like a portfolio, it works like a digital document that introduces you to clients and highlights your personality and work, such as your stats, demographics, your unique selling point (USP), etc.

Having a media kit is important, as it tells a brand all they need to know about you as an influencer and it helps the client determine why you are the right pick for them.

Creating a media kit may sound like a hard job, so if you're in need of a media kit we can help you! Visit our Media Kit page.

With a media kit, you have full control over what brands see. You can highlight pointers that you wish to showcase such as successful campaigns.

Having a media kit is time-saving! Brands and clients can see full details about you without having to get in touch and ask for details. This improves communication and ensures there isn't a lot of back and forth, which saves you and the client's time!

Most importantly, a media kit shows that you are prepared and that you are serious about work. It will increase your chances of success! Brands want to work with professional influencers who understand how influencer marketing works.

What to Include in Your Social Media Kit

Influencers need to design their kits based on what they find important such as,

- Short introduction about yourself

- Followers on social media

- Audience demographics

- Website/blog statistics

- Options for Collaboration (Examples include videos, reviews, tutorials, photos, etc.)

- Pricing

- Contact Details

Brands look for informative kits. Visual design is an important part of a media kit.

Last but not least, the next step is distribution!

Approach brands on your own, don't just wait for brands to get in touch with you.

Find brands that are looking for influencers who can benefit from your services and

send them your media kit to advertise your services.

- Be Professional

- Find Brands that Fit your Niche

- Provide Content Ideas

Brands can also find you by looking for influencers in your niche. We can help you get noticed by publishing articles about you to help you reach a wider audience and get noticed. For more information on how to get published visit: Publishing Articles

A great way to maximize your exposure and boost your following is by being featured in a reputable publication through a blog or an article. We have published both known and growing influencers and businesses.

Become a Successful Influencer or Brand

Check out the benefits of being published with us!

Check out our Media Kit!

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