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Ever Thought Of Working Out Behind Shower Courtains?

The owner of a California gym reopens his facility with plastic workout pods to enable customers to exercise and maintain social distancing. The gym says it's all in an effort to keep people healthy.

Government officials gave the green light to gyms to re-open just a few days ago and fitness centers across the state are slowly making moves.

Peet Sapsin, the owner of Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach, California, found an innovative way for customers to work out in a group while adhering to social-distancing rules and reopened his gym on Monday in accordance with state guidelines.

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Peet Sapsin told Business Insider that he came up with the idea for the pods after asking customers to test working out with masks. They said that they found it hard to breathe. As a result, Peet Sapsin started to look for other solutions. The new pods took about three days to build and are made out of shower curtains and PVC pipes. They are about 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall, according to Business Insider.

Will a plastic workout pod be coming to a facility near you in 2020?? What are your thoughts? Let us know!


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