Yoga Starter Kit for Beginners - Exercise Set.

A Yoga exercise set is ideal for home or outdoor fitness.

Yoga has the power to relax or re-energize you. You can use this yoga beginner set at night to unwind and get ready for bed, or use it in the morning to power up and take on the day.

Check out this complete Yoga Mat Set for Beginners by HemingWeigh.

This bundle comes with a 72" x 24" thick yoga mat, yoga strap for stretching, yoga blocks for support, and towels for drying off.

HemingWeigh's yoga mats are comfortable and easy on the knees.

Their NBR yoga mat and blocks set features a 1/2 thick mat that supports and cushions your knees.

HemingWeigh's yoga starter sets are versatile and have many uses.

The set can be used for meditation, stretching Pilates, and toning workouts at home or the gym. They are also perfect for unwinding or recharging.

Get your own Yoga Exercise Set today! Click HERE to purchase this set.

Looking for comfortable yoga pants? Check out these Pink Yoga Pants + Workout Activewear Sets.

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