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Yormheri's Amazing Weight Loss Transformation with Herbalife Nutrition.

Updated: Jan 9

Most of us wish we could magically lose all those extra pregnancy pounds the moment we give birth, but the fact is that no one snaps right back to their pre-baby body so quickly.

Women of average weight usually gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy, and after delivering the baby, they will slowly start to lose weight... but everyone is different and will gain and/or shed weight at their own pace. Take a look at Yormheri's inspiring story.

(Photo: Yormheri - Before and After)

Yormheri's journey to weight loss wasn't easy. Yormheri shared her story on YouTube and we are sure that it will encourage and help those who are trying to stay motivated during the process of losing weight.

For about 5 years, Yormheri spent two hours at the gym, between five to six days a week and although she did notice a change in her body, she didn't feel it was enough for the amount of time she would invest in the gym.

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Yormheri is a mother to a beautiful boy. She mentioned that while being pregnant she had lost motivation to go to the gym, she would always be tired and often wanted to eat whatever she desired. During her pregnancy, Yormheri had gained about 60-70 pounds, and towards the end of her pregnancy, she was gaining about 8 pounds a week.

Once she delivered her baby boy, Yormheri spent the next three months doing everything possible to lose weight but her motivation was on and off.

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Yormheri once again started going to the gym and within the first month, she only went 5 times. She thought it wasn't worth it and that she needed to do something more.

While going to the gym, a lady had mentioned to Yormheri about HerbalLife, although it wasn't what she had in mind at the moment, she was curious about it and started reading into it, obtaining information, and learning more about their products.

Yormheri decided to start the HerbalLife nutrition program, just like anything else, she mentioned that she was going to give it her all and follow instructions to see if the products actually worked. Two weeks after Yormheri started with HerbalLife she noticed the change as she had lost 8 pounds. After seeing such amazing results, she decided to continue with the program that helped her start her weight loss journey.

Yormheri started Herbal life back in August 2018, she was 200 pounds, and by January of 2019, she had lost all the weight she had gained during her pregnancy and even went down to 124 pounds making her a size 5.

Yormheri once again started feeling like herself, she saw results and felt good about her process, so today she wants to help those who are struggling to lose the extra weight. If you need a little motivation, some advice or would simply like to learn more about Yormheri's journey you can follow her on her social media.

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