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YouTube Workouts Guaranteed to Make You Sweat.

Updated: Jan 6

According to Popsugar Fitness, you're guaranteed to sweat with these 10 most popular POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube workouts.

If you've ever gone looking for a new workout on YouTube, chances are you've come across the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel. Popsugar Fitness has hundreds of workouts that span the spectrum of fitness (HIIT, dance, cardio, strength, yoga, and more), and while you'll get a good workout no matter what you click, some videos have definitely emerged as fan favorites over the years.

Popsugar Fitness has rounded up their top 10 most popular workout videos from their channel, ranging from hip-hop Tabata and Zumba to a 60-minute, 600-calorie-burner that'll leave you dripping.

Explore these greatest hits and try out whichever looks challenging today. Just make sure you grab some water (and a towel) before you get sweating!


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